“Simone is that rare musician that combines flawless technical ability with a depth of interpretive expression and emotion that can only come from the heart of a true artist.”

– Michael Skloff, composer / performer

“Simone is a very talented cellist and I love having her in my show. She is able to adapt, create, improvise and suggest the best music for the moment. A cellist with this amount of talent is hard to find, so I hope she stays a secret to me, but somehow I think that is asking too much. She is a huge asset to the success of Intimate Illusions and my show.”

– Ivan Amodei, illusionist

“Simone Vitucci’s interpretation of the Bach cello suites unites a formidable technique with artistic sensitivity that enables the most sublime and beautiful of musical expression. This is cello playing at the highest levels. She reminds the soul that this is music as it is meant to be. A cellist whose musical DNA extends to the stars”.

– Oscar Bustillo,
pianist / composer / conductor

“From the very first time I heard her playing I was so overwhelmed, I was amazed…and still am. Every time I listen to her cello I feel shrouded in poetry.”

– Luca Ciut,
composer / global music awards gold medal winner